These carpet options were last updated on 28/02/2019.

Below is a list of our current range of carpets that are sorted by size. The sizes are extra large, large, medium and small. Please click through on the links to view the full range of current carpet choices for each size.

Every post requires a different amount of carpet with the larger more complicated towers requiring more, and the small basic posts requiring less. It is best to check how much is required for a given post when ordering.

These images will be updated when the rolls of carpet have been partially or fully used. Often they will just be re-marked to reflect the current amount of carpet on a roll remaining.

Each roll of carpet is marked with a unique letter code. (e.g. S1, S2… M1, M2…)

If the roll of carpet is marked RESERVED, it is potentially unavailable. The per cent amount RESERVED is displayed on each RESERVED carpet roll. If 100% is RESERVED then it is entirely unavailable, or for example, if only 30% is RESERVED then the remaining approximate 70% is available.

If the roll of carpet has been completely consumed, it is no longer available and will be marked GONE.

To confirm the current availability of carpet options, or reserve a particular roll for your post, please contact



SIZE/STOCK IMAGE Indicative colour range
Large 1 various
Large 2 various
Large 3 various
Large 4 various
Large 5 various
Large 6 various
Medium 1 Various
Small 1 Various
Small 2 Various