Cats are one of the top natural enemies of ‘nice’ household furniture and carpet.

Cats have a innate instinct to sharpen their claws that any number of ‘bad kitty!’s directed at the cat is unlikely  to change.

They scratch surfaces to:

  • Groom and sharpen their claws
  • As a form of exercise
  • To mark their territory

The unsuspecting sofa, with its tantalizingly scratchy fabric, is unable to defend itself from the nimble claws of the indoor domestic cat.  Much the same for walls with all-too-tempting wallpaper and embeddable soft wood tables and chairs.

That is why many cat owners choose to obtain dedicated cat scratching furniture.

Slinkman & Kiki Pet Products continue to develop a range of cat furniture that cats will enjoy for years. We aim to make cat furniture that will hold up to the most neurotic cats by only building cat furniture with a timber structure. Our cat post are covered in new, high quality carpets and sisal.

We are currently extending our cat furniture range into two broad categories:

  • Classic cat scratching posts and trees;
  • Modern (or alternative) cat furniture.

We also take custom orders within the classic line of products, but are also open to other suggestions.


Classic cat scratching posts and trees

Our range of classic cat scratching posts and trees span from simple and sturdy posts and perches to more elaborate multi-platform structures.

This kind of post is usually covered in carpet, or other scratchy materials to encourage cats away from your own carpet and furniture.

They can also feature perches and boxes to allow your cats a bit of privacy and a place to relax.

I made a heavy duty scratching post for our cats at home, who are pictured on the right. I also made the mistake of building a post with only one perch, which lead to exchanges of death stares and fair warnings about who should get the perch.



Custom cat scratching posts

We also take custom orders for the classic range of cat scratching posts, and are open to other ideas. Please visit our custom order page for more information.