Dual Sisal Posts – 1.85m


A 1.8m and a 1.3m set of posts wrapped in sisal rope.

Hand made by:    

Materials:    Structural pine, MDF, residential carpet, sisal rope

Dimensions (cm):    H 185 X W 102 X D 52

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The Dual Sisal Posts are designed for both large cats and climbing cats. Ferocious climbers will be able to scale up the long, uninterrupted sections of sisal rope on either of the tall posts.

Cats are able to choose from a more social lower perch (1.3m) or a higher perch  (1.8m) when they want a private perch. Each of the perches is large and generous, and should suit most size cats to curl up on (42cm x 42cm).

These are incredibly strong and sturdy posts that are strengthened against toppling. The base is extra thick, and weighted to ensure stability. The thick posts are also securely joined to the base in a number of ways.

Total height: 185cm

Width: 102cm

Depth: 52cm

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