King size cat bed and lounge


A giant cat bed and lounge made sturdy and large for the biggest of cats.

Hand made by:    

Materials:    Structural pine, MDF, residential carpet

Dimensions (cm):    H 112 X W 92 X D 62

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A large handmade cat scratching post and lounging area with a large bed on the bottom platform and a cozy bed up on top.

The king size cat bed and lounge features extra thick posts for added support beneath the lower lounging area and the top enclosed bed area.

Each platform is enclosed with deep 15 cm high sides. Perfect for big cats who like to snuggle in when sleeping. The cat scratching post can be used as is with cats sure to enjoy the plush residential carpet. Alternatively, you could add your own blankets for added comfort.

The cat bed and scratching post is covered in both sections of sisal and carpet for a variety of scratching surfaces.

Made from only quality timber and carpet. Suitable for larger breeds of cats.

Total height: 112cm

Base dimensions: 92cm x 62cm

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