Perches and Platforms – 1.26m


A multi-platform design with medium and extra large platforms.

Hand made by:    

Materials:    Structural pine, MDF, residential carpet

Dimensions (cm):    H 126 X W 72 X D 62

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A large and solid hand made scratching post that features three posts each ending in a generously sized platform. Each platform could fit a couple of cats on it at a time.

The Perches and Platforms cat scratching post is underpinned by a solid timber frame.

The structure is strong enough to hold up easily to the heaviest of cats.

The frame is covered in quality residential carpet and sections of sisal rope for alternative scratching surfaces.

There are tonnes of perches for cats to play on. Watch them weave in and around the posts and platforms – our cats (plural) at home use this model. They will often scale up the back of the central post to claim the top perch. They jump from perch to perch, and grapple their way around the cat scratching post.

The total height of the perches and platforms cat scratching post is 1.26m.

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