Scratching Tower


A cat scratching tower that contains vertical, horizontal and angled sisal rope scratching surfaces.

Hand made by:    

Materials:    Structural pine, MDF, sisal rope, residential carpet

Dimensions (cm):    H 165 X W 62 X D 62

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The Scratching Tower is designed for active cats who like to race up and down ramps. The race begins at the bottom where cats can run up the first ramp, speed around the first corner, and leap up onto the diagonal platform.

The Scratching Tower is designed to meet the needs of cats who like to vary the surfaces they like to scratch. This tower is especially suited to cats that enjoy scratching sisal rope.

This tower features the following scratching areas:

  • Vertical sisal rope wrapped around the main post, and a secondary supporting post;
  • Horizontal sisal rope wrapped around the mid ‘L’ shaped platform;
  • Angled sisal rope wrapped around the bottom ramp; and
  • A sisal rope handle to grip on the diagonal platform.

The scratching tower also contains carpeted sections along each of these surfaces.

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